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About Us

From our own brand products like Perton’s Apple Verjus, and Perton’s Bitter Orange Extract, to well known names like Maldon Sea Salt, and finest La Mancha Saffron, everything we sell at Perton’s Gourmet Foods must obey a few basic, but very important rules.                                

Firstly, It has to taste great! (we think that's so important that we had to resist the temptation to make it rule number two as well). Secondly, it has to be well made, from good ingredients. Oh, and it mustn’t contain any unnecessary additives. Thirdly, the product must come from as near to our Kent depot as possible.  If a great jam, juice or chutney can be found in Kent or the Home Counties, that’s where we will buy it from. If not, we’ll try the rest of Britain before searching Europe and the rest of the world. And we encourage our producers to do the same. 

We’re building a superb list of delicious ingredients and finished products. And the range is growing all the time. If you find a product you think we should be selling, just let us know. 

The Perton’s Gourmet Foods team is led by Managing Director, Richard Perton. Richard began his 30 year career in the food industry by training as a Food Flavourist for one of Britain’s leading flavours and fragrances companies. Here, he learned organoleptic techniques and honed the tools of the trade: a well trained nose and highly tuned taste buds. He then moved to the fresh produce industry, spending more that 20 years supplying many of London’s top Chefs with fresh herbs, salads, fruits and vegetables.  

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