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Perton's Elderflower Vinegar 250ml 2011 vintage!

Perton's Elderflower Vinegar 250ml 2011 vintage!
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Perton's Elderflower Vinegar

You wouldn't believe how many tiny elderflowers we had to snip off their stems to make each bottle... until you open the lid and take a whiff. It's the scent of summer in a bottle. Use with lamb or goose, on fruit, in salad dressings or mix with verjus and honey and freeze to make sorbet. Perton's Rosehip Vinegar has all the fresh, fruity taste of rosehips with just a hint of natural pepperiness. Its flavour, combined with its beautiful red-amber colour, makes it the ideal choice for slad dressings, marinades and sauces. Can be used to flavour desserts, sauces for game, poultry meat and fish. Goes brilliantly with ham, smoked eel and smoked mackerel.  

Perton's Foods own brand products are all created or chosen personally by Richard Perton, a flavourist and keen cook with over 30 years experience in the food industry. His products are used by many of the top chefs in Kent and London and can add an extra dimension in taste to your cooking. Go on, experiment!

Perton's Elderflower Vinegar 250ml 2011 vintage!
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